ST micro supply tools to target STM32 devices, they include code generation, an IDE and Arduino platform support.

  • STMCubeMX is a visualisation tool and start-up code generator.
  • STMCubeIDE is the development environment.
  • STM32duino is the Arduino development platform support.


This is great to visualise the layout of a STM32 development board and see the pin usage and the clock tree.

This standalone version of this tool supports various IDEs and GNU make.

When using a GNU make target, it produces a working directory that builds first time with `arm-none-eabi-gcc' and it can be used as a basis for a project.

The license of the files created is not present and therefore defaults to what ST call “AS-IS”.

Making a target is the only way to access platform specific files as they appear to be archived otherwise.

ST have a habit of using ex: for example (eg.) in comments, which annoys the VIM editor somewhat.

On windows this will install in

C:\Program Files\STMicroelectronics\STM32Cube\STM32CubeMX


The development environment also embeds the MX tool above and can support various other tools.

This STM32 IDE produces a proprietary project and there is no access to platform specific files until a project is created. A lot of files are generated for each project so this is perhaps more suitable for larger flash devices.

Not sure if this can be recommended unless you like IDEs.

On windows this will install in



STM32duino provides `wiring' support for the STM32 and STM8 microcontrollers within the Arduino Processing IDE.

This is the only place we can find platform specific files in their raw form for reference or usage.

This may be used to build a standalone application with or without Arduino support on any platform we choose to develop on which has access the the ARM compiler.

This is preferred way to develop for STM32 on a Raspberry Pi, for example.

cd /opt
git clone

Board support packages

The board support packages exist for various components.

mkdir -p /opt/BSP
LAN8742 Ethernet PHY
cd /opt/BSP
git clone


cd /opt/BSP
git clone


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