Devuan installation


Visit and locate the latest download image.

Fetch the image (Raspberry Pi Zero)


Verify the file with the hash on the download page.


unxz devuan_ascii_2.0.0_armel_raspi1.img.xz


Place a microsd card in your desktop system and write the image.

In this instance, the microsd card is detected as sdd.

sudo dd if=devuan_ascii_2.0.0_armel_raspi1.img of=/dev/sdd bs=4M

Initiate a rescan of the device.

su root -c 'echo 1 > /sys/block/sdd/device/rescan'

Edit config

Mount the RPi boot partition and make some changes.

su -m
mount /dev/sdd1 /mnt
vi /mnt/config.txt

Some example options for config.txt.


Un mount the boot partition.

umount /mnt

Edit networking

Mount the system partition and set up networking. This will allow us to login after the Pi boots and finalise the set up.

mount /dev/sdd2 /mnt
vi /mnt/etc/network/interfaces
vi /mnt/etc/resolv.conf

If you need to use WiFI, Eg. BELKIN FD00000, place the firmware in /lib/firmware (rt73.bin).

Un mount the system partition.

umount /mnt

Boot and login

Install Broadcom WiFi driver (if present)

apt-get install firmware-brcm80211
wget -q -O /lib/firmware/brcm/brcmfmac43430-sdio.txt

Disable undesired services

Edit /etc/inittab and disable unnecessary gettys and reboot.

Finish off

When we log in now we have a mean and lean linux installation but no service management. I prefer runit or you may prefer daemontools.

Set up runit/daemontools now as required and you are done.

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