Nintendont for Wii

This is the process to build Nintendont for the Wii.

With a custom version we may patch the source to support USB controllers such as the Microsoft Side Winder Precision Racing Wheel which cannot operate otherwise.

Install devkitPro

cd $HOME
mkdir devkitPro
cd devkitPro

Configure environment

setenv DEVKITPRO $HOME/devkitPro
setenv DEVKITPPC $HOME/devkitPro/devkitPPC
setenv DEVKITARM $HOME/devkitPro/devkitARM

Test build Nintendont

git clone
cd Nintendont

Racing wheel support

Fetch the patch for the Microsoft USB wheel.

hg clone

Apply the patch and rebuild Nintendont.

Copy boot.dol and the .ini configuration file to the target device.

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