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BOSSA 1.9.1 is a programming flash tool for the Atmel bootloader on ARM processors.


Fetch development files

sudo apt-get install libreadline-dev libwxgtk3.0-dev wx3.0-headers wx-common

Build and install

git clone
make -j 4
sudo cp bin/bossa* /usr/local/bin/


$ bossac --help
Usage: bossac [OPTION...] [FILE]
Basic Open Source SAM-BA Application (BOSSA) Version 1.9.1-14-g3532de8
Flash programmer for Atmel SAM devices.
Copyright (c) 2011-2018 ShumaTech (

  bossac -e -w -v -b image.bin   # Erase flash, write flash with image.bin,
                                 # verify the write, and set boot from flash
  bossac -r0x10000 image.bin     # Read 64KB from flash and store in image.bin

  -e, --erase           erase the entire flash starting at the offset
  -w, --write           write FILE to the flash; accelerated when
                        combined with erase option
  -r, --read[=SIZE]     read SIZE from flash and store in FILE;
                        read entire flash if SIZE not specified
  -v, --verify          verify FILE matches flash contents
  -o, --offset=OFFSET   start erase/write/read/verify operation at flash OFFSET;
                        OFFSET must be aligned to a flash page boundary
  -p, --port=PORT       use serial PORT to communicate to device;
                        default behavior is to use first serial port
  -b, --boot[=BOOL]     boot from ROM if BOOL is 0;
                        boot from FLASH if BOOL is 1 [default];
                        option is ignored on unsupported devices
  -c, --bod[=BOOL]      no brownout detection if BOOL is 0;
                        brownout detection is on if BOOL is 1 [default]
  -t, --bor[=BOOL]      no brownout reset if BOOL is 0;
                        brownout reset is on if BOOL is 1 [default]
  -l, --lock[=REGION]   lock the flash REGION as a comma-separated list;
                        lock all if not given [default]
  -u, --unlock[=REGION] unlock the flash REGION as a comma-separated list;
                        unlock all if not given [default]
  -s, --security        set the flash security flag
  -i, --info            display device information
  -d, --debug           print debug messages
  -U, --usb-port[=BOOL] force serial port detection to USB if BOOL is 1 [default]
                        or to RS-232 if BOOL is 0
  -R, --reset           reset CPU (if supported)
  -a, --arduino-erase   erase and reset via Arduino 1200 baud hack
  -h, --help            display this help text
  -V, --version         display version info

Report bugs to <>
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