Orange Pi Zero

Orange Pi Zero

The Orange Pi Zero is a Linux compatible computer with high speed GPIO.

It contains four ARMv7 CPU cores present in the AllWinner H2+ (cost reduced H3) system on a chip.

A debian derived distribution of Linux called Armbian works on this device. It's important to install this on a class 10 microsd card and not a class 4 which has incredibly poor write performance. A sandisk ultra micro SDHC 10x works well.


The board has a Raspberry Pi compatible GPIO header with 26 pins, an Orange Pi Zero specific header with 13 pins and a serial console at 9600 baud.

Whilst the GPIO header is compatible with the RPi the orientation is different.

5V         USB LAN      GND    PA10 26   25 GND
GND                     RX     PA13 24   23 PA14
USB-DM2                 TX     PA02 22   21 PA16
USB-DP2                        GND  20   19 PA15
USB-DM3                        PA18 18   17 3V3
USB-DP3                        PA19 16   15 PA03
LINEOUTR                       GND  14   13 PA00
LINEOUTL                       PA07 12   11 PA01
TV-OUT                         PG07 10   09 GND
MIC-BIAS                       PG06 08   07 PA06
MIN1P                          GND  06   05 PA11
MIN1N                          5V   04   03 PA12
IR-TX      POWER               5V   02   01 3V3

This is the relationship between the Orange Pi Zero GPIO pins, H2+/H3 I/O, Linux sysfs interface and the H2+/H3 alternate pin functions.

Pin H2+/H3 I/O sysfs ALT
3 PA12 12 SDA
5 PA11 11 SCK
7 PA6 6 PWM
8 PG6 198 TxD
10 PG7 199 RxD
11 PA1 1 RxD
12 PA7 7
13 PA0 0 TxD
15 PA3 3 CTS
16 PA16 16 SDA
18 PA18 18 SCK
19 PA15 15 MOSI
21 PA16 16 MISO
22 PA2 2 RTS
23 PA14 14 CLK
24 PA13 13 CS
26 PA10 N/A

Pickle Microchip PIC ICSP

La naranja 0

We can use the Orange Pi Zero GPIOs to program PICMicros using Pickle Microchip PIC ICSP.

The GPIO bit-bang driver for Linux may also be utilised on the Orange Pi Zero and uses the same numbering.

Low Voltage Programming with VPP at 3V3

Low voltage ICSP at 3V3 can be performed directly from the GPIOs.

The following connections refer to the GPIO header. Ensure that power is only ever applied from GPIO 3V3 on PIN 1 and never 5V.

Single common data I/O connection (OPI0 or GPIO bit-bang driver) without PGM.

 OPi0 H2+/H3                       PICMicro       GPIO header     .pickle
 ===========                       ========       ===========     =======

 3V3-------------------------------VDD--+         PIN 1
 GND-------------------------------VSS  R1        PIN 9
 PA12-----------R2-390R------------VPP--+         PIN 3           VPP=12

 PA11-----------R3-390R------------PGC            PIN 5           PGC=11

 PA06-----------R4-390R------------PGD            PIN 7           PGD=6

(R1) 10K !MCLR pull-up
(R2..R4) 390R.



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