Maple mini



This example is a Baite clone of the Leaflabs Maple mini. This is an inexpensive STM32F103CBT6 ARM Cortex-M3 development platform with 128KB flash and 20KB RAM. This has double the flash capacity of the vcc-gnd which has a similar controller.

The Maple mini board comes with a USB boot loader in flash along with the ROM based serial UART boot loader. The USB boot loader is compatible with dfu-util and no programming hardware is necessary to begin development with the Maple mini.


           VCC         MINI-USB          VCC
           GND          *PB9             GND
           BUT PB8 BOOT0                VBAT
I2C1 SDA   15  PB7                PC13    14
I2C1 SCL   16  PB6                PC14    13
           17  PB5                PC15    12
           18  PB4                NRST RESET
           19  PB3                PA0     11
           20  PA15               PA1     10
SWCLK      21  PA14 STM32F103CBT6 PA2      9 USART2 TX
SWDIO      22  PA13               PA3      8 USART2 RX
           23  PA12    PB1        PA4      7 SPI1 NSS
           24  PA11    LED        PA5      6 SPI1 CLK
USART1 RX  25  PA10               PA6      5 SPI1 MISO
USART1 TX  26  PA9     RESET      PA7      4 SPI1 MOSI
           27  PA8                PB0      3
           28  PB15    BUTTON     PB2      2
           29  PB14               PB10     1 I2C2 SCL
           30  PB13               PB11     0 I2C2 SDA
           31  PB12                      VIN

TX  PA10  RX
RX  PA9   TX

SWD             JTAG
===             ====
SWCLK PA14      TCK  PA14
SWDIO PA13      TMS  PA13
                TDI  PA15
                TDO  PB3

*PB9 is active low USB enable.            


Power is supplied on the USB socket or VIN which feeds a 3V3 LDO regulator.

LED demo

For now, see the libmaple page for a demo. Later a demo OpenCM3 demo will appear here.

Boot loader

The Maple mini boot loader has its own page here.


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