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Pinup is a home photo gallery application written in PHP and configured to run with the Apache2 web server. NGINX support will be added later.

Pinup is primarily designed to run on a Raspberry Pi in the home environment as a single user application for viewing images grabbed from a mobile phone.

The user interface is designed for simplicity.

Pinup was written in March 2023 and updated in December 2023 with bug fixes, database and UI tweaks, and a slideshow feature.


  • Very simple operation and setup
  • Images can be loved
  • Images can have a description added
  • Images can have a single tag added
  • Images may be rotated
  • Images may be flipped
  • Images may be deleted (hidden)
  • Gallery view of loved images
  • Gallery view of tagged images
  • Gallery view of all images
  • Slideshow of loved, tagged or all images

Setup requires a Linux host running PHP and apache2. The command line is used to import photos from a backup directory. The easiest way to achieve this is the mirror the phone to local directory using `lftp' whilst running `AMAZE' on an Android phone. How to use an FTP server on iPhone is not known.

Missing features

  • Upload
  • Multi-user
  • Multi-select
  • Multi-tags

Uploading is not supported as this application is designed to be updated via the command line with an import from a phone backup directory.

This application is also single user but many users may access it of course. Being single user there are no access controls.

Multi-select for tagging and deletion is a desirable feature which can be added once a simple design is worked out.

Multiple tags per photo was not implemented for simplicity but if a simple interface is determined it may be added later.

Site creation

In this example, a gallery called mrchips is created.


Install Apache2 with PHP and SQLITE3.


Create site directory and download.

sudo mkdir mrchips
sudo chown user mrchips
hg clone mrchips
cd mrchips

Create config from template.

 sed 's/HOSTNAME/mrchips/g' routes/apache.conf > /tmp/mrchips.conf

After the config is created above, edit the IP address section then move it to the correct location for your install.

Include the config explicitly if required and restart the web service.


Unzip any images into the Images directory within the web root.

Import the images into the site.

./bin/import.php ./Images/


Love Tags Garden Images

When you first visit the site it will land on the Love page. This will contain no images for now. The images link will contain every image imported. On this page you can love images and also create a tag for an image and add that tag to other images to create a group.

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