Easy-loader for Cowboy, Wellington and Oxford boot loaders


Easy-loader uploads application hex files to either the Cowboy boot loader for enhanced PIC12/PIC16, Wellington boot loader for PIC18 or Oxford boot loader for dsPIC/PIC24.

Easy-loader also has a number of options to interrogate the boot loader to inspect chip flash and EEPROM content.


Easy-loader is installed from source.

hg clone http://hg.kewl.org/pub/easy-loader
cd easy-loader
sudo make install


Typing easy-loader alone will output the following help.


Invalid args.

 -a     arduino (DTR + CAP) reset
 -b N   use TTY baud rate N
 -d     hang up DTR after serial port open
 -e     read EEPROM
 -f     read flash
 -h     HELLO only
 -i N   use CAN bus message id N
 -k N   send BRK for N ms after serial port open
 -l H|R log serial input when done (H = hex, R = raw)
 -n     do not run firmware on exit
 -p     run pickle pctrl to reset device
 -q     quiet erase/write
 -r     hang up RTS after serial port open
 -s     simulate erase/write
 -t     time to wait in ms after serial port open
 -v     verify
 -w N   winklepicker mode N (1 or 2) reset
 -x     drain serial output after each transmitted byte
 -z A   erase page at address A

Version: 4

The device can either be a serial interface of CAN Bus interface. Support for CAN Bus is platform and boot loader dependent and is only available for Linux and the Wellington boot loader at present.


Here a device (which is attached to an RPi) is reset using `pctrl restore' and then a hex file image is uploaded at 57600 baud.

easy-loader -p -b 57600 /dev/ttyAMA0 myapp.hex
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