Can-can CAN bus interface



The Can-can CAN bus interface is a simple but general purpose interface for the Raspberry Pi and OpenWRT.

The interface has two modes of operation.

  1. Host mode
  2. Standalone mode
Host mode

In host mode a Can-can interface connects to a host device which may be an RPi or OpenWRT router where the interface acts as a bridge between the host and the CAN bus.

Standalone mode

In this mode, the Can-can interface is a dedicated CAN bus device in its own right. This is placed on the bus to perform special purpose duties such as taking measurements and logging events etc.

In this mode a host mode device is also required for communication.


The Can-can bus interface project is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0. You must read and accept the terms of this licence agreement before using any of the licensed materials from this project.

Credits and Thanks

Can-can is developed and maintained by Darron M Broad.

Host mode was inspired by Gerhard Bertelsmann's easy-can interface which this project has realised.


Documentation will appear here soon.