This boards contains a STM32U575ZI microcontroller with a top speed of 160 MHz.




st-info --probe
Found 1 stlink programmers
  version:    V3J8
  serial:     002C00183431511437393330
  flash:      2097152 (pagesize: 8192)
  sram:       804864
  chipid:     0x482
  dev-type:   STM32U5x5
openocd -f "interface/stlink.cfg" -c "transport select hla_swd" -f "target/stm32u5x.cfg"
Open On-Chip Debugger 0.12.0+dev-00246-geebcf3cff (2023-06-28-00:03)
Licensed under GNU GPL v2
For bug reports, read
Info : The selected transport took over low-level target control. The results might differ compared to plain JTAG/SWD
Warn : The selected adapter does not support debugging this device in secure mode
Info : Listening on port 6666 for tcl connections
Info : Listening on port 4444 for telnet connections
Info : clock speed 500 kHz
Info : STLINK V3J8M3 (API v3) VID:PID 0483:374E
Info : Target voltage: 3.309237
Info : [stm32u5x.cpu] Cortex-M33 r0p4 processor detected
Info : [stm32u5x.cpu] target has 8 breakpoints, 4 watchpoints
Info : starting gdb server for stm32u5x.cpu on 3333
Info : Listening on port 3333 for gdb connections
(gdb) set arch arm
The target architecture is assumed to be arm
(gdb) target extended-remote localhost:3333
Remote debugging using localhost:3333
warning: No executable has been specified and target does not support
determining executable automatically.  Try using the "file" command.
0x0800263c in ?? ()
(gdb) info reg
r0             0x3e8               1000
r1             0x7                 7
r2             0x3bf               959
r3             0x2000044c          536872012
r4             0xe000e010          -536813552
r5             0x0                 0
r6             0x0                 0
r7             0x0                 0
r8             0xffffffff          -1
r9             0xffffffff          -1
r10            0xffffffff          -1
r11            0xffffffff          -1
r12            0xffffffff          -1
sp             0x200bfff0          0x200bfff0
lr             0x80006fb           134219515
pc             0x8000710           0x8000710
xPSR           0x29000000          687865856
fpscr          0x0                 0
msp            0x200bfff0          0x200bfff0
psp            0x0                 0x0
primask        0x0                 0
basepri        0x0                 0
faultmask      0x0                 0
control        0x0                 0
msp_ns         0x0                 0x0
psp_ns         0x0                 0x0
msp_s          0x0                 0x0
psp_s          0x0                 0x0
msplim_s       0x0                 0x0
psplim_s       0x0                 0x0
msplim_ns      0x0                 0x0
psplim_ns      0x0                 0x0
primask_s      0x0                 0
basepri_s      0x0                 0
faultmask_s    0x0                 0
control_s      0x0                 0
primask_ns     0x0                 0
basepri_ns     0x0                 0
faultmask_ns   0x0                 0
control_ns     0x0                 0


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